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Concierge Physical Therapy



Accelerate your rehabilitation

Seeking a specialized physical therapy practice that understands your unique needs?

Well you’ve found it here at FIZEEOH, the ultimate haven for sports enthusiasts.

Tricia Davis, DPT leads the charge to your peak potential.


In our Clinic, you are our only client!

We are committed to our own well being and performance and will return YOU or help YOU find your FULL ATHLETIC POTENTIAL!

Say goodbye to insurance dictating your rehab experience with generic, non-individualized care from an overworked therapist drowning in paperwork. That’s not our style.

Why Choose

FIZEEOH Therapy?

Expert Evaluation

Assessing not just where your issue is but why it’s happening will give you the quickest and most permanent recovery.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Everyone is different and responds to treatment in their own way. More one on one time with a DPT gets RESULTS.

Hands on Manual Techniques

Expert training and commitment to continued education ensures the best treatment each session.

Tailored Home Exercise Programs

With follow-up from your therapist, fast progressions and accountability.

Athlete-centric care with FIZEEOH get’s you back at it ASAP!

What are people saying

Tricia is highly knowledgeable in her profession as a physical therapist. She is also well-versed in sports and sports related injuries injuries since she is a very active and skilled athlete herself.


Tricia is amazing! She brings all the tools to the table and really takes the time to address both the symptoms and the underlying issue.


Still not quite convinced?

I can’t say enough great things. Earlier this year I tore my achilles and her rehab plan, constant support and advice has been invaluable, helping me recover (in a fraction of the time my Orthopedic doctor projected). She also supported my rehab with a training (exercise) and nutritional plan that helped me shed over 30lbs. A great holistic approach to rehab therapy and I strongly recommend her!


I felt confident in Tricia’s experience! She has all the latest modalities to treat my symptoms but focuses on the basics that are helping me recover from my injury. I also appreciate how observant she is. Even just walking into the treatment room she picks up on subtle issues that I can work on to help my treatment. Highly recommended!