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Tricia Davis, DPT

Lifelong Learner:

As the founder of FIZEEOH Concierge Physical Therapy, Tricia has redefined the traditional approach to physical therapy. With extensive experience as a PT and clinic manager for the past 20 plus years, Tricia is done with the traditional 10-15 clients a day practice with less than 20 minutes of one on one interaction with her clients.

Her concierge service offers clients a unique and highly individualized experience, focusing on preventive care, rehabilitation, and overall wellness. Tricia’s hands-on approach and unwavering commitment to her patients have earned her a reputation for achieving remarkable results, often surpassing expectations. Having the time to interact, watch and listen to her clients as well as truly understand them makes the difference.

Being committed to life long learning, Tricia’s continually evolving education does not stop with her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. New skills, techniques and insights as well as embracing technology will help you unlock your true potential.

Athlete and Endurance Coach:

Tricia is not just a skilled physical therapist but also an accomplished coach. Her passion projects Killer Coach and Killer Coach Academy provide expert guidance and accountability to individuals looking to achieve their fitness and performance goals.

From Ironman to Xterra- National Championships to the BC Bike Race, Tricia has had the privilege of coaching world class athletes as well as those aspiring to be. Developing relationships with athletes over the years and helping them achieve their dream goals has been the most rewarding part of Tricia’s career.

Her athletes inspire her to keep pushing her own limits and stay motivated to compete and challenge her own limits. Recently Tricia has gotten in some amazing races, allowing her to travel and experience great single track and meet some inspirational people at the BC Bike Race, Moab Rocks and The Single Track 6. She continues to reminisce about her own Ironman and off road triathlon World Champs experiences from the past.

Zesty Life:

Current USA Cycling L2 Certified Coach as well as former USA Triathlon L1 Coach, Tricia has enjoyed providing articles, coaching webinars and writing grant applications for these governing bodies.

Recently, Tricia has had the opportunity for a lot of travel and work with USA Cycling as a Junior Development Pathway (Mountain Bike) Coach. Also working with the pro women’s road cycling team ROXO RACING, by keeping their athletes recovered, prepped and healthy for grueling stage races like the Redlands Classic, Tour of the Gila and Joe Martin Stage Race – she’s gotten to work on some of the Nations top level athletes.

While experiencing numerous injuries, surgeries and set backs that inherently risky sports present, plenty of perspective and balance alway seem to return to her busy schedule. These difficult times have provided some first hand knowledge of navigating the health care system as compassion and true understanding of how difficult sitting on the sidelines can be.

Married to Chad and dog-mom for Bob provide daily reminders of what passion and insane athleticism can accomplish with a good team.


Flexibility and balance are Tricia’s specialties.

The office in Brevard has evening and weekend appointments.

Home visits may be available (for an additional fee)- just ask.